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Inside you'll find the most complete reference guide to the 'got milk' advertising campaign on the internet. Many website collections have come and gone through the years but none have ever encompassed the breadth of the campaign as presented here.

The California Milk Processing Board started the 'got milk' campaign in 1994 using the advertising firm Silverstein, Godby & Lowe. The national milk campaign started releasing magazine ads in February 1995 under the tagline 'Milk - What a Surprise!'. After about 18 months this tagline was replaced with 'Milk - Where's your mustache?'. Eventually this too morphed into the current and more widely recoginzed 'got milk?'; with the tagline 'got chocolate milk?' thrown in occasionally to spice things up. Since the first magazine ad was released in 1995, there have been over 300 'official' magazine ads and countless parodies. This site is dedicated to presenting the milk campaign in as complete of fashion as possible. Included will be magazine ads, other campaign related materials, parodies, and eventually television commercials.

This reference guide is based primarily on my collection of ads from the milk advertising campaign. You will also find ads and materials that I don't have in my physical collection, but do exist out there... somewhere. I'm always looking to trade or buy what I don't have.

Am I missing something from the listing? Let me know and send me a picture, so I can add it to the guide. I'll give full credit to all submissions. If you have extras, maybe we can work out some kind of trade or sale. Let us try to build something lasting for future milk ad collectors. Your support and contributions will always be appreciated and welcome. Enjoy the site and if you have any questions or comments, email me.


3 Nov 08
All-American Rejects (x2), Dwight Howard (x2), Ana Ivanovic, Heidi Klum (x2), Olympians, Suze Orman, Trisha Yearwood, & parodies - Baron Zemo & Red Skull ads added

16 Jun 08
Martha Stewart #2, Soap Stars, Batman #3, White Gold #2 ads added

13 May 08
Miley Cyrus and White Gold (Misc - Other) ads added

29 Apr 08
Marg Helgenberger ad added

20 Apr 08
Alison Vincent (The Biggest Loser winner) ad added

8 Apr 08
Brooke Shields (x2), Charytin Goyco (Spanish), large Jared Fogle & Rihanna ads added

17 Feb 08
Jared Fogle, Young Han, Rihanna, & Michael Strahan ads added

6 Jan 08
Glenn Close ad added

3 Jan 08
Amanda Bynes copyright variation ad added

2 Jan 08
Alicia Villarreal (Spanish) ad added

22 Dec 07
Bill Germanakos (The Biggest Loser winner) ad added

7 Dec 07
Steve Nash ad added

22 Oct 07
Joey Fatone/Kym Johnson, Fantastic Four, Marvin Harrison, High School Musical cast, Barbara Mori & son, Apolo Ohno/Julianne Hough, Hayden Panettiere, Sara Ramirez (+Spanish) ads added

16 Nov 07
Batman Returns, Tom Brady (comic), Lili Estefan & kids (2 variations), Beyonce & Solange Knowles, Mannings (comic), Donovan McNabb (+comic), Serena Williams (2/3 pg) ads added

15 Nov 07
Amanda Bynes & Avery Johnson/Josh Howard ads added

14 Nov 07
Burger King (+Spanish), Vince Carter, Maria Celeste, Erik Chopin, Sasha Cohen, Mariska Hargitay, Masi Oka, Ben Roethlisberger, Kimora Lee Simmons, & Kathy Smith ads added

22 Oct 07
Fantastic Four, Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson, Marvin Harrison, High School Musical cast, Barbara Mori, Apolo Ohno & Julianne Hough, Hayden Panettiere, & Sara Ramirez ads added

21 Oct 07
Laila Ali ad added

9 Apr 06
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25 Nov 05
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19 May 03
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27 Sep 02
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